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We are BAFE accredited, 24/7 monitoring undertaken, Fire extinguishers supply and service, Fire Risk Assessments, Fire alarm service and installation, CCTV service and Installation, Intruder and Access control service and installation, 24/7 call-out service.

All works carried out to BS standards within the industry.

Fire Services

Fire Risk Assessments

If you require a fire risk assessment for your property, you are in safe hands. We take care of every detail for you, producing a comprehensive report document which includes advice on any work required to ensure compliance. We offer risk assessments for both single and multiple properties.

We can also provide guidance on training, testing and maintenance records and written Emergency/Evacuation Plans to help you further comply with the fire safety legislation.

Fire Extinguishers

BRIDON offer sales and servicing on a full range of fire extinguishers.
Contact us for special deals on servicing.

We only supply quality extinguishers to BS EN3 standard, that are commissioned by us to ensure their serviceability.

We will advise on correct types and numbers of extinguishers for your premises, with correct signage to match.

Fire Alarms

Modern fire alarm systems require careful installation and maintenance to ensure that false alarms are infrequent and that a real fire would be detected quickly without damage to property or loss of life.

From detection by smoke and heat sensors, to manual call-points, your alarm could be a life saver.

BRIDON can offer installation, maintenance and commissioning of systems to suit customer requirements. Whether you require a new fire alarm system, or fire alarm maintenance on an existing set-up, weíre happy to help! Contact BRIDON for more information.

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Security Services

Intruder Alarms

Intruder alarms are widely accepted as an effective deterrent for burglars, providing a useful warning and limiting theft and damage to premises. We can install alarm systems to suit your requirements, from simple to complex. At a basic level, the system will usually consist of an outside siren or bell and strobe light enclosed in a weatherproof box, operated by key or digital control panel and a number of passive infra-red movement detectors that are placed in vulnerable areas of the premises. Door and window contacts can also be used.

The functionality may be:

  • Bells only – the system sounds a bell or siren to attract the attention of neighbours etc. and deter the would-be burglar.
  • Auto-dialler – as an upgrade to basic system, on activation of your alarm, the dialler rings pre-programmed numbers to inform keyholders or neighbours etc. of the activation.
  • Monitored – the same as the bells only system except that instead of a bell or siren attracting the attention of neighbours a remote signalling device automatically informs a central monitoring station that your alarm has been activated.


CCTV systems fitted to premises, large and small. Our CCTV systems combine security and peace of mind, with great value.

A system may include a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), cameras and a screen. Cameras available for indoor and outdoor use, with night-time capability.

Remote Access ñ ability to monitor CCTV from your iPhone, iPad, Smart phone, etc from anywhere in the world!

Maintenance and repairs to existing CCTV systems – contact us for more information.


Access control systems installed to suit your security requirements, from single door to multi-door systems. What price is security? Contact BRIDON for more information.

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